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  • KI 2000W, 24V SW Inverter only, ETLc

    KI 2000W, 24V SW Inverter only, ETLc


    Convert Battery Power to Household AC Power

    • Run your household appliances in your truck, boat, or RV
    • Premium power sinewave inverters (SW series)
    • Powerful and economical modified sinewave inverters (MW series)
    • Exacting quality in compact sizes
    • Ideal for cars, boats, trucks, and RV’s
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    KISAE Power Inverter features and benefits

    • Regulated output
    • Low battery shutdown to prevent total battery discharge
    • GFCI outlets for safe operation
    • Built in LED display for battery status and load measurement
    • Silent operation
    • Simple to install
    • Optional Remote on/off switch
    • Compact size for easy storage
    • USB port for charging USB devices


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