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Electrical Components

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Electrical Components

A solar system is more than PV panels and battery banks; it’s made up of many other electrical components, all of which are essential in maintaining an optimized setup. 

Want to prevent electrical surges? Need to protect your solar array against lightning strikes? Improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your system with the following electrical components: 

MC4 Connectors

Keep your solar panels attached with Multi-Contact connectors. The male (plug) and female (socket) connector types snap together, creating a secure lock. Perfect for outdoor environments, these connectors lock together and won’t be unplugged easily. 


Just like the circuit breakers in your home, this system protects the wiring in your solar panels from reaching dangerously hot temperatures which could cause an electrical fire. You can install circuit breakers to protect important components like the battery. If too much power moves through the circuit, the breaker will trip and cut it off. Depending on the voltage of your system, you’ll need to select a breaker that is powerful enough to interrupt it.


What’s a solar system without the cables that connect each component? Use inverter cables to connect your inverter to your house panel and battery. Premade PV cables have thick insulation to protect against moisture and heat.


A rooftop combiner is perfect for solar systems with a large number of strings. It’s a junction box that merges the output of various solar strings and sends power to the inverter. Even though it’s mounted to a roof, you don’t need to worry about leaks—the combiner slides directly underneath shingles for a waterproof fit.

DC Disconnects and Wiring

Make sure that your home is safe and up to code with DC Disconnects and Wiring. You can quickly shut off the power that’s flowing from your solar panel with this disconnect. Whenever you need to perform maintenance on your system, make sure to use the DC disconnect. See our options from Midnite solar.

Fuses and Fuse Blocks

An inverter fuse block can guard your inverter system wiring against damage with over-current protection. Fuses can protect your system from electrical fires. We also offer replacement fuses.

Grounding Washers

This conductive washer is essential for any solar mount. Insert a conductive grounding washer between the solar mount and the PV panels to maintain protection from electrical shocks.

Lightning Protection

With a Lightning Arrestor, you can protect load centers, service panels, and other devices from electrical surges that result from lightning strikes. When the voltage in your system exceeds a specified amount, the arrestor will divert that electricity to the ground.

Manual Transfer Switches

Control the power in your home with the flick of a switch. When you need to manually shut down your PV system, an Inverter Isolation Switch will come in handy. We carry 30 A and 60 A switches.

Voltage Converters

Looking for a power converter that’s durable, efficient, and moisture-resistant? With fuse protection and easy access mounting holes, these power converters are user-friendly and cost-effective. Check out our ICT converters.

When you’re building a solar power system, make sure to budget for more than just the panels and battery. The above electrical components will keep your system operating optimally and safely for years to come.

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