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Secure BackUp Systems

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Secure Backup Systems

Power outages can happen anywhere, anytime. You might lose electricity for all sorts of reasons, from extreme weather conditions to damaged electrical equipment. 

If your power goes out, important appliances may lose power, like:

  • The refrigerator. If your fridge warms up, all your groceries could spoil. Perishables like raw meat, milk products, and eggs won’t last long at room temperature. 
  • The sump pump. This mechanism requires power to prevent your basement from flooding. If a rainstorm damages a power line, your basement might flood.
  • Your heating/cooling system. Snow and thunderstorms are often the cause of power outages. But in these conditions, the outdoor temperatures may be extremely hot or cold. Your HVAC unit could lose power when you need it most.

To prevent these disasters, you’ll need a Secure Backup System for your home and/or business. 

When Do You Need a Secure Backup System?

If you rely on electricity to protect your home or keep your family members healthy, then you may want to consider a Secure Backup System. With it, you can take comfort in knowing that your home will have electricity during the next power outage. The automatic transfer switching feature will provide power as soon as the grid fails.

The system comes in a compact cabinet that’s pre-wired and easy to install. It includes a battery and an inverter. The inverter is what converts the DC power from your solar modules into AC power, which is what most household appliances use. It sends this power to the battery, where surplus electricity is stored for emergencies. 

But if the grid is down, shouldn’t you still be able to generate power using your solar panels in Canada? That isn’t necessarily true for those with grid-tied systems. For safety reasons, solar systems that are connected to the grid may automatically shut down while maintenance is performed on power lines. Without a backup system, you’ll be out of power even with a solar array.

Advantages of a Solar Ready Secure Backup System

Knowing that you have a reservoir of backup power gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Power your home during grid failures or power supply issues. You’re tired of losing power whenever there’s an electrical issue. A Secure Backup System allows you to be independent from the grid.
  • They’re eco-friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint with a Solar Ready System, which won’t emit harmful fumes. Gas generators require fuel to provide electricity, but all that your solar panels need is sunshine. Better yet, you won’t need to worry about carbon monoxide leaking into the air.
  • Unlike generators, they aren’t noisy. You can tell if a home has a generator by the distinct humming noise that it produces. With a Solar Ready Secure Backup System, you won’t hear a thing.
  • Keep your family and pets safe. Running out of power during a cold winter night or hot summer day can be dangerous for some individuals. Those who require medical equipment are put in danger if those systems lose power. Without electricity, your HVAC system can’t regulate the temperature, which is critical during snowstorms or heat waves. The air can get too hot or cold for safety, which is dangerous for pets like fish and reptiles.
  • Avoid business interruptions. In a commercial space, power outages create costly downtime. You can’t serve customers or sell products without lights, heating/cooling, and functioning debit machines.
  • Make use of excess power. On especially sunny days, your solar panels may generate more power than you can use. If you aren’t connected to the grid, you may not be able to sell it back, and that power will go to waste. A Solar Ready Secure Backup System allows you to store electricity for emergencies.

For your home or business, you need a Secure Backup System that you can depend on. The Solar Ready model can provide power up to 3000W, which is enough to run essential appliances like an air conditioner or refrigerator. With this system, you won’t need to worry about losing power the next time there’s an emergency.