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Worried that your solar system isn’t compliant with safety codes? You could benefit from an E-Panel, which combines all the safety requirements for a solar system into one convenient unit.

Adding an inverter to your solar system can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. The process is made simple with an E-Panel. This device makes it easier to add an inverter to your solar array. E-Panels have many benefits, like safety features and a wall mount.

Forget about spending hours setting up solar inverters—you can mount and install them easily with an E-Panel. We carry brands such as Magnum power, Outback power, and Midnite solar

Advantages of E-Panels 

Here are a few ways that an E-Panel can improve your solar system:

  • Shorten install time. Installation couldn’t be easier than with an E-Panel. All you need to do is mount the device to the wall and connect the wiring. E-Panels are pre-wired to take the complexity out of installing one or multiple inverters. 

  • Be compliant with local electrical codes. According to the Canadian Electrical Code, electrical systems require overcurrent protection and circuit breakers. E-Panels come with everything you need to follow this code. Without these safety features, you may have issues receiving coverage from your insurance provider or selling your property. It could cause you stress and anxiety to have an unsafe electrical system.
  • They’re cost-effective. You won’t need to spend extra money to hire help for installing inverters. With an E-Panel, setting up your solar system is easier than ever.
  • Use space efficiently. Combine all your solar wiring into one organized and easily-accessible location. E-Panels attach to the wall and take up unused vertical space. 
  • Stay safe with DC overcurrent devices. The power that’s generated by your solar system may cause an electrical fire if a fuse short circuits. Circuit breakers can prevent damage from happening. With DC disconnects, you can instantly shut off power during maintenance or repairs. You can rest assured that your solar system meets safety standards with overcurrent protection and disconnects.
  • Lightning protection. If lightning strikes your solar panels, it will send a powerful surge of energy through the system. But with lightning protection, you can keep your setup safe from this type of damage.

When Should You Buy an E-Panel? 

In these situations, an E-Panel will be a great addition to your solar setup if:

  • You’re ready to sell, insure, or renovate your property. Potential buyers won’t be interested in a home that isn’t up to electrical codes. The same is true for insurance providers—they’ll be reluctant to offer coverage if your setup hasn’t been approved by an electrician. Construction workers might be unwilling to renovate your property without proof that it’s safe and code-compliant.

  • You want to improve the safety of your electrical system. No one should have to lose sleep at night wondering if their solar system is a safety hazard. Features like circuit breakers and DC disconnects give you more control over your electrical system.

  • You just purchased an inverter (or several inverters). Installing an inverter is faster, easier, and less expensive with an E-Panel. You’ll also find it more manageable to install multiple inverters for large-scale solar systems.

When searching for an E-Panel, you should select one that meets the needs of your setup. Make sure to choose the right inverter size and battery voltage.

When it’s time for an electrical inspection, you won’t need to worry if you’re up to code. Keep your solar system safe and organized with E-Panels, which will simplify the installation and management of solar inverters.

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