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Primus Wind Turbine

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Wind Turbines

Even with an optimized solar setup, there are still cloudy days where you might need more electricity. To supplement your energy needs, consider adding wind turbines to your property.

You can use these devices to generate electricity on days with little sunlight, at night, or if you run out of solar power. These devices are easy to install and integrate with your existing PV panels. They’re reliable, quiet, and highly effective at producing energy.

Use the electricity generated by wind turbines for:

  • Lighting
  • Household appliances
  • Charging solar batteries
  • Providing energy to off-grid homes

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

You already know that solar panels in canada convert sunlight into DC (direct current) energy—wind turbines work a bit differently. 

The wind has kinetic energy, which is what these turbines harvest and convert into usable electricity. Wind turbines are incredibly efficient at absorbing kinetic energy. They do so using a series of components:

  • The blades. These propellers are made from a lightweight material, which allows them to absorb kinetic energy even from weak winds. From that energy, the wind turbine creates torque. The stronger the wind is, the more torque the turbine will create. However, very high speeds may damage the turbine. Wind turbines will shut down in dangerous conditions to prevent damage.
  • The wind vane. This is what detects the direction of the wind. Based on that, the turbine will rotate to the optimal position. 
  • The gearbox. Despite high wind speeds, the blades of a wind turbine rotate slowly. But to convert kinetic energy into electricity, the generator requires a high rotational speed—that’s what the gearbox is for. This component increases the rotational speed of the wind turbine rotor. It connects directly to the generator.
  • The generator. This is what converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity that can be used. 

When Should I Purchase a Wind Turbine?

Is a wind turbine a worthwhile investment for your electricity needs? Consider if the following situations apply to you:

  • You live in an area with inconsistent sunshine. As the seasons change, the output from your solar panels may rise and fall. On a sunless winter day, you may require more electricity than usual, but your solar panels can’t keep up. Even though your energy demands remain the same, you might not be able to meet them when it’s cloudy outside. Keep your power output consistent by supplementing your energy needs with a wind turbine.
  • You need to generate more power. A hybrid setup with PV panels and a wind turbine is an excellent way to meet higher energy demands. With a Primus Wind Turbine, you can generate up to 40 kWh of energy each month.
  • You live in a windy location. Why not take advantage of the weather conditions in your region? Set up a wind turbine to start harvesting energy from strong winds.
  • You’re environmentally conscious. Wind turbines don’t produce pollution or emit greenhouse gases to produce energy. Converting kinetic energy into electricity is a sustainable way to power your home and/or business.
  • You want to power a boat. Certain wind turbines are designed for usage in marine environments. Sailors and fishers often use wind turbines to power their boats and ships.

When you picture a wind turbine, you might imagine the massive structures that you see on wind farms. But we also carry micro-turbines that are ideal for residential use. Browse our product selection to find a wind turbine with a voltage that suits your needs.

Combined with a solar array, you can use wind turbines to create a consistent and environmentally-friendly source of energy. A blended system gives you the best of both: use your solar panels on sunny days, and wind turbines on cloudy ones. Pair your PV panels with a wind turbine and start generating more energy today!