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Mounts and Racking

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Mounts and Racking

Make sure that your solar system is secure, safe, and positioned correctly with solar mounting systems. Before you can get your system up and running, you have to determine the best location for the PV panels. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each option. We carry brands such as S-5! and Fast-Rack.

There are a few key advantages with any solar panel mount:

  • It keeps your solar panels in place. Depending on the location of your PV system, there are optimal positions and angles for your solar panels. Putting them in the right spot maximizes their ability to harvest power. 
  • You can put your solar panels in an optimal location. Your property may not have the best foundation for a roof-mounted system, or perhaps you lack the space for a ground mount system. Choose a racking system that suits your location.
  • A solar racking system protects your panels from weather conditions. Strong winds could change the location of your solar panels or dislodge them. With a solar racking system, your panels will remain fixed despite extreme conditions. 

If you’re interested in a solar panel mount, there are 3 main types: roof, ground, and pole mounts. Trying to determine which will work best for your property? Here is some information to consider:

Roof Mounts

Whether you have a flat roof or a sloped roof, a roof-mounted solar rack is a popular setup. You can use an adjustable roof mount on flat or sloped roofs. Tilt your panels for maximum efficiency. If snow build-up is an issue, increase the angle of the panel. 

Benefits of a roof-mounted system:

  • The panels won’t get in the way when you’re doing yard work. In addition, the angle of the panels helps to prevent snow from piling on top of them. 
  • You might not have enough space for a ground-mounted system. In that case, a roof mount racking system will be more suitable for your property. It makes the most out of the unused space on your roof.
  • You won’t need to pay for the landscaping costs that come along with installing a ground mount. You can use the existing foundation of your home to support your PV panels.

Utilize the space on top of your home and save on installation costs using a roof mount. Whether you have a steel or shingle roof, we’ve got the racking system you need to keep things secure.

Ground Mounts

Not all dwellings can support roof-mounted solar panels in Canada. A ground mount is great for properties with the space to accommodate them. 

Benefits of a ground-mounted system:

  • Your roof may be obstructed by trees, which could make a ground mount more optimal. It might be easier to install ground mounts depending on the condition of your property.
  • If your roof can’t support solar panels (or you want to avoid drilling any holes in it), a ground-mounted solar system might be a better option. You can adjust the angle as necessary since you won’t be restricted by the slope of your roof. 
  • They’re easier to maintain. After a heavy snowfall, it’s not easy to climb your roof and clear off snow from the panels. But if your panels are on the ground, they’re a lot more accessible. 

Top of Pole Mounts

The aesthetic appeal of a pole mount is undeniable. Their versatility and durability are both major selling points. Made from an aluminum frame, they’re sturdy and resistant to corrosion. 

Perfect for industrial or off-grid systems, a pole mount is a solid choice for many PV systems.

Benefits of a pole-mounted system:

  • Since your panels are elevated high off the ground, they won’t be subject to damage from animals or vehicles.
  • You can easily adjust the tilt of the panels to maximize energy efficiency. With a pole-mounted solar array, you can change the angles whenever necessary.
  • You aren’t limited by the size of your roof or your yard. If you have a lot of trees on your property, you can install your solar array high above their branches. Set up your pole-mounted solar system wherever it’s convenient.

Whether you choose to mount your solar panels to your roof, the ground, or a pole, you’ll need a strong and secure system to support it. But depending on the conditions of your property, one mount may be more optimal than others.