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RV Kits

Recreational vehicles give you the freedom to travel without being bound to an electrical grid. With a solar RV kit, you can generate energy anywhere the sun shines. Just because you’re out in the sticks doesn’t mean you have to live without electricity. 

An RV solar kit allows you to go completely off the grid. Get power in even the most remote locations using the energy from the sun.

A solar kit allows RVers to enjoy benefits like:

  • A renewable and sustainable power source. Avoid contributing to global warming while reducing your carbon footprint by generating solar power.
  • Access to power in off-grid locations. Even when you’re out on the road or in the middle of nowhere, you can still use solar panels to generate power in your RV.
  • A quiet power source. One big advantage to using solar power is that the system operates almost silently. This isn’t the case with a traditional generator, which emits a constant humming noise. It may not be an issue for some, but for those who want to enjoy the sounds of nature, an RV solar kit is a must.

What Components Do I Need?

If you want to add solar panels in Canada to your RV, you’ll need components like:

  • Mounting hardware

Keep your solar panels flush with the roof of your vehicle with an RV mount. Your solar modules will fit securely to the roof of your vehicle and you can tilt them to capture more sunlight. You can park your vehicle in the most optimal location for energy generation.

The mount is made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal. By attaching your solar modules directly to your RV, you can travel anywhere without worrying about running out of power. 

  • A charge controller or solar regulator

Without one of these, your battery will be regularly overcharged. This shortens its lifespan and reduces its efficiency. Given the cost of most solar batteries, it’s something that you should avoid. Our RV Charge Controller is easy to install and implement in your system.

  • A charging kit

This is the heart of any solar panel system. You’ll need a charging kit to start collecting and generating electricity with solar panels. 

Our charging kits include a solar module and control centre. It includes all the features you need for a trouble-free trip. Optimize your RV for high performance with a charging kit. 

Do I Need an Inverter?

An inverter changes direct current into alternating current. Many appliances in an RV can operate using DC energy, which is the electricity that your solar panels generate. But some electronics require AC to work properly. 

You’ll need an inverter if you plan on using any of the following in your RV:

  • A refrigerator
  • A TV
  • A microwave
  • Heaters and air conditioners

But for electronics that run off of batteries, DC power will suffice. 

How Many Solar Modules Will I Need?

This question comes up with any solar setup. When it comes to RV kits, the circumstances are a bit different. You won’t need to generate the same amount of power that you would in a commercial building or residential home. 

The answer depends on what kinds of appliances you plan to run. If you need to charge a power-hungry appliance like an air conditioner or refrigerator, you’ll need significantly more electricity. But if you merely plan on charging your phone, you can get away with less.

Since the energy needs of every RV owner are different, it’s tough to give a general answer. For many RVs, a 160W RV Solar Charging Kit will suffice.

When you see an RV, you’ll also often see a solar system on its roof. A solar RV kit allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your savings on electricity costs. With an RV kit, it’s simple to mount and install your solar system to your vehicle.