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CT Monitoring

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CT Monitoring


Ever wanted to know how much energy is wasted in your home? With CT Monitoring devices (or current transformer monitors), you can access accurate data about the amount of energy that’s generated, consumed, and misused in your home. 


What are the Benefits of CT Monitors?

Current transformers eliminate any doubt about energy usage in your home. These devices can accurately detect how much electricity is harvested and allocated in your home. With these monitors, you can:

    • Optimize your solar system  
  • Reduce wasted energy
  • Identify electrical issues quickly

Use CT Monitoring devices to keep a closer eye on electricity usage in your home. You might be interested in an energy monitor, but you aren’t sure which is right for your home. Consider the following options:


Neurio Home Energy Monitor

When you install an energy sensor, information about electricity consumption is sent straight to your phone or computer. Energy management becomes a lot easier when this data is at your fingertips. You can monitor energy usage in real-time and learn things like:

  • The amount of energy that appliances consume. When you can identify which appliances are using more power than necessary, you can make changes to lower your usage.
  • How you can save more energy. Find opportunities to reduce your energy usage when you closely monitor your consumption. Sell excess solar energy to local power companies for even greater savings.
  • Which appliances use the most energy. With real-time monitoring, you can make changes that reduce your energy usage by up to 20%.

Home Energy Monitor – Solar Expansion

This expansion kit lets you see how much power your solar system generates and how much you use. Prevent energy from going to waste and reduce your electricity bill for twofold savings. 

You’ll have a comprehensive overview of how your consumption changes over weeks, months, and years. 

Setting up the Neurio monitor is easy—within 15 minutes, you can install the device directly into your electrical panel and download the corresponding app.

Over time, the Neurio Home Energy Monitor will pay for itself with the savings you create. 


eGauge Energy Monitor Kit

Ever wanted to know exactly how much power your solar system generates? With an eGauge Energy Monitor Kit, the system performance tracking is so comprehensive that it updates every second.

Unlike other metering systems, you won’t need to pay any subscription fees for your eGauge monitor. It’s a one-time purchase that you can implement immediately to start saving energy.

You won’t have to overpay for electricity bills anymore—eGauge CT monitors are more precise than kWh Meters. This kit consistently outperforms kWh Meters thanks to its current transformers. These sensors can detect the energy from individual circuits, which is more precise. 

Whenever unusual energy usage is detected, you’ll be notified immediately via text or email. You can react ASAP to failures or other energy losses. Since you can set the threshold values yourself, the notifications are completely customizable. 


It’s difficult to reduce energy waste if you don’t know the amount of power that your system is generating and using. With an energy monitor, you’ll know precisely how much energy is harvested, converted, and used in your home. Make your solar system more efficient than ever with a CT monitoring system.
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