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The Fast-Rack Rail System was designed to speed the installation of large scale PV arrays on sloped roofs with a minimum number of roof penetrations.

Fast-Rack Innovations:

  • MADE IN CANADA – Rails are extruded in Canada, Tariff-free and no USA content.
  • STRONGER RAILS – With up to 64” / 48” span between roof connections, Fast-Rack installs with fewer penetrations and less time.
  • INTEGRATED GROUNDING – Using patented grounding solutions, the rails bond the panel to the system ground, eliminating panel ground lugs and wires.
  • EASY RAIL LEVELING –  With rail height adjustment of 2”, Fast-Racks are easy to level on a not so flat roof. Great looking solar systems with less labour.
  • SELF-SEALING ROOF BOLTS – EJOT Anchor Bolts, capable of up to 5” of roof penetration, secure the Fast-Rack rails to roof trusses through metal roofs. Integrated gaskets help to seal anchors for faster, cleaner installation.
  • ULTRA-FLASH and TALONS -Fast-Rack has 2 flashing options for shingle roofs: Talons use 1.5: screws to attach to roof decking and Ultra-Flash uses 4″ SS lag screws to secure to trusses. Both are self sealing.Back to Brands Page.