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Surrette Solar Battery, 2V, 3426 AHr, Dual Wall Container


The high capacity, deep cycle Industrial Flooded batteries from Rolls Surrette feature a heavy duty plate grid, double insulated with a polyethylene envelope and a glass mat to protect against positive plate breakdown, as well as prevent treeing, cracked or misaligned separators, or shorting at the bottoms or sides of the battery. The 2VDC cells are each built into their own lightweight, polypropylene container with a thermally bonded cover to prevent acid leakage, then placed within an outer container of durable polyethylene with a removable lid, ensuring that the battery is operable and unspilled, even if the outer case is damaged. Both the CS and KS series of the Surrette Rolls batteries allow for disassembly, where each cell can be removed independently. This makes it possible for each cell to be replaced without special tools, and creates ease for on site installation.

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