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Sun Saver DUO 25 Amp Regulator


Morningstar’s SSD-25 solar controller is recognized for its high reliability and improved battery charging. It is epoxy encapsulated for environmental protection, is user-adjustable via DIP switch or connection to a personal computer and has an optional temperature sensor (TS-RTS).

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Features of the Morningstar SunSaver Duo SSD-25 include:

  • Two-Battery Charging: based on a user-selectable priority.
  • Lower Cost: no need for separate solar charging systems and isolation between batteries.
  • Easy to Install: installed near batteries using clearly labeled large wire terminals.
  • Longer Battery Life: four stage series PWM pulse charging and temperature compensation increases useful life.
  • Standard 5 year warranty and estimated 15 year life.

Note: This SunSaver Duo (SSD-25) does not include the Remote Meter. Please see the SSD-25RM for the controller that includes the Remote Meter.