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Outback Rapid Shudown and Arc Fault solution for 1 charge controller


ICS Plus PV rapid shutdown and AFCI system package for battery-based PV systems. Compatible with up to six strings of PV source circuits (one charge controller).

This is the first end-to-end solution listed to UL 1741 with photovoltaic rapid shutdown systems (PVRSS) for both battery-based and grid-direct solar systems. The arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) is listed to UL 1699B with local and remote indication. It has type 3R enclosures, which are rated for indoor or outdoor installation. The combiner box offers exceptional design flexibility because it can be mounted vertically or horizontally and be mounted to the racking or under the array. The Flexware ICS PLUS is interoperable with compatible third party PV rapid shutdown devices (PVRSE with dry contact).

When used with OutBack Power conversion and energy storage components, the system will represent the only single-brand UL and NEC-compliant solution from rooftop to battery!

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