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Autotransformer, w Enclosure 120/240VAC 60Hz


OutBack X-240 Auto-transformer System The X-240 can be used as a 120 to 240 VAC step-up transformer, as a 240 to 120 VAC step-down transformer, as a generator balancing Autotransformer, or as a series stacked inverter-to-load balancing Autotransformer. The X-240 can serve as a load balancing Autotransformer because, as one leg of the generator or one inverter in a stacked pair becomes fully loaded, its voltage drops slightly and current from the slightly higher voltage leg of the generator or inverter is automatically transferred through the Autotransformer to balance the load. The X-240 can transfer up to 2kW (3kW with the optional X-240 fan kit) from one side of a split phase configuration to the other side regardless of the total power rating of the generator or the total power rating of a series/parallel FX inverter configuration.

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