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TriStar Series, 45 Amp, 12/24/48V


The TriStar MPPT controller for designed for Canadian PV systems. The TS-MMPT-45 functions as a charge or load controller, and output up to 60 amps. It works on 12/24 and 48V battery sytems, and can work with arrays up to 2400W (48V), 1200W (24V) and 600W (12V). It features multi-stage charging with bulk, absorption, float and equalize modes. The MPPT algorythm is particularly efficient, resulting in greater energy harvest during to winter, low light conditions. The TriStar MPPT-45’s innovative MPPT algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing your renewable energy yield up to 30%. The key benefit of MPPT is the operation of the solar panels at their peak power point, which is varied depending on sunlight intensity, temperature and shading conditions. It also allows the use of high voltage solar panels to charge conventional battery systems. It will take up to a 150VDC input, or three conventional 60 cell solar panels connected in series. Now array wiring can be done with smaller gauge wires or with longer wire runs.

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