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This Mini Magnum Panel has 175A DC breaker and 30A dual pole AC input breaker. MMP is perfect to connect to all the main elements that are necessary for a renewable power system like battery disconnection, grounding connections, AC overcurrent protection, and many more.

MMP is very easy to install and can work with different series such as one Magnum MS-PAE, RD, MS-AE, MS, or non-Magnum charger or inverter. This is also comes with one DC breaker (175A), one AC bypass breaker (30A dual pole), one AC input breaker (30A dual pole), inverter hood, DC buss bars (+ – battery), DC shunt (500A/50mV), and Din Rail (optional for DC mini breakers).

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Mini Magnum Panel 175A / 30D specifications:

  • 160 VDC max battery input
  • 300 VDC max PV input voltage
  • 10000 AIC max DC input short current
  • 120-240VAC nominal op voltage
  • 5000 VA 25°C (MMP) normal op range
  • 60Hz

Mini Magnum Panel 175A / 30D highlights:

  • ETL listed to UL1741
  • CSA Certified
  • Less hassle access
  • Reliable and affordable
  • DC load breakers
  • Small footprint