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  • MAGNUM MPPT Charge Controller, 100A, 12/24/48Vdc

    MAGNUM MPPT Charge Controller, 100A, 12/24/48Vdc


    The PT-100 is a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) charge controller designed to harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. This full-featured charge controller offers industry-leading efficiency and reliable energy harvest. Ideal for residential installations and larger industrial systems.

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    Features Include:

    • Multi-Stage Battery Charging
    • Fully Compatible with Magnum Inverter products
    • Supports Large PV Arrays up to 6600 watts
    • Auto-system voltage detection
    • Programmable via Magnum ME-ARC Remote
    • 99% efficient
    • Digital Display shows: Charge Amperage, Array kW production, Array Voltage, Battery Voltage
    • Auto-system voltage detection


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