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HES 10W Solar Module for 12V systems (CE)


10W Solar Module 12V is perfect for tracking batteries as it has 0.6A of current – this polycrystalline solar module fits for a small battery system as well. It is well-known for electric fences, marine, industrial and maintaining RV battery systems. This is also very useful if you are having indoor or outdoor activities such as inside your house or room, camping, hiking, or even for emergency scenarios.

It offers extraordinary strength because of its high-quality anodized aluminum frames with the HES pole. With its high performance crystalline solar cells and with high charge current-voltage, it can be used in any kind of temperatures.  It can also give you trusted battery charging in all Canadian climates.
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HES 20W Solar Module specifications:

  • Pmax 10W  ;
  • 19.8VOC ;
  • 15.7VPM ;
  • 0.64IPM ;
  • 0.72ISC ;
  • 324 x 303 x 25mm

HES 20W Solar Module  Features & Highlights:

  • Portable because of its compact size
  • High efficiency anodized aluminum frames
  • Suitable for all temperatures
  • Battery charged in all Canadian climates
  • With reliable warranty – 10yr mechanical and 25 year power output

We give you the assurance of quality, this module comes with a 10-year mechanical warranty plus a 25-year power output warranty.