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  • Fast Rack Ultra Rails, 13.4′, Single Rail 163″

    Fast Rack Ultra Rails, 13.4′, Single Rail 163″


    The Fast-Rack Ultra Rail System was designed to speed the installation of residential PV arrays on sloped roofs. Standard Fast-Rack features include easy rail levelling, self-sealing roof bolts, & integrated grounding making it one of the easiest choices for home owners today. The system was designed to provide Canadians with a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing solution.

    • Low Profile
      Our innovative new extrusion is cheaper, stronger, and lower profile than competitive products. It saves money, and keeps solar looking neat and tidy.
    • Integrated Grounding
      Using patented grounding solutions, the rails bond the panel to the system ground, eliminating individual panel ground lugs and wires.
    • Easy Rail Levelling
      With rail height adjustment up to 2″, Fast-Rack Ultra is easy to level on a not so flat roof. Great looking solar systems with less labour.
    • Self-Sealing Roof Bolts
      Anchor Bolts, capable of up to 5″ of roof penetration, secure the Fast-Rack rails to roof trusses. Integrated gaskets help to seal anchors for faster, cleaner installation.
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