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Fast Rack Ground Mount – 2 Tier – Rail Kit for 8 Panels


The Fast-Rack 2 Tier Ground Mount is the most economical and expedient way to install ground mounted solar arrays from two to two hundred kW. With building blocks of 8 panels, each FR-2T-GMX-HD minimizes ground connections. These can be:


  • Lag screws to parallel wooden beams spaced approx. 6-10 feet apart
  • Ground screws
  • Cement blocks
  • Cement piers

The FR-2T-GMX-HD features integrated bonding between modules and rails, 84-120″ spans between feet, rigid Fast-Rack Heavy Duty rails and adjustable tilt angles from 30 to 60 degrees. Each rail kit comes with splice to join individual mounts together for larger systems.


Layout drawings for footings, piles and cement piers available on request.

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