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80 Amp, Ground Fault Breaker, Panel Mount


OutBack Power Systems model PNL-GFDI-80 is an 80 Amp, 150VDC single pole panel mount breaker and is a safety device for a photovoltaic (PV) array. In the event that the array becomes shorted to ground, it disconnects the PV system from the batteries. A ground fault protection device is required by the NEC for PV arrays mounted on or within a specified vicinity of residential dwelling roofs.

UL listed for a maximum of 150 VDC. The OutBack PV Ground-Fault Detection and Interruption System protects wiring and system components for one PV array when used in a Flexware 250 or Flexware 500. The GFDI consists of a single 0.5 amp breaker, mechanically connected to a single OutBack 80 amp breaker. When a ground fault occurs, the 0.5 amp breaker will trip. Due to the common internal tripping mechanism, all the other breakers connected to the GFDI will also trip and shut power down. Uses two (19 mm) mounting spaces.

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