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When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels?

Workers on roof installing solar panels

Making the switch from traditional electric to solar panels is a big deal. You want to plan ahead and schedule your installation for the best time of year. While many people believe that summer is the ideal season for installation, homeowners may actually want to consider waiting until the cooler weather of fall and winter approaches. 

How can you benefit by waiting for autumn or winter for your solar panel installation? These top three reasons will have you calling SRB Energy this season for your consultation! 


Shorter Wait Times 

Many homeowners start to think about installing their new solar panels during the warm and sunny months of summer. Unless you start planning early in the spring, you may not be able to get your job on the books in a timely manner. 

Fall and winter see a reduction in the busyness of solar panel installation, so you will experience shorter wait times. This means you can close the gap between the time you sign up for solar panels and when you’ll actually begin to reap the benefits of your new solar system. 


Reducing Electric Use Before Winter

When it comes to your electric bills, chances are that your total due is much higher in the winter months. Make the most of your solar panels by having them installed in the early days of autumn. It can take some time to get your solar power turned on and start seeing a difference in your bills, so you will want to prepare early to avoid any astronomical winter electricity bills.

Installing your new panels in the fall will give you plenty of time to see a difference by winter. 


Better Deals 

When solar panel systems are in demand, basic economics says that they will also be a bit more expensive. Supply and demand go hand-in-hand, and the price of your solar panels may add up to more if you are purchasing them during the busiest season of the year. This is another reason why it is better to wait until the cooler months of autumn and winter. 

Not only will you experience shorter wait times, but you may get a better deal, also. As a bonus, you can also cash in on year-end incentives for signing up for solar power and making the necessary modifications to your home. As long as your panels are installed before the end of the year, you’ll be able to take advantage of the tax benefits for additional savings. 


Installing Solar Panels In The Cooler Months

While summer is the most popular time to install solar panels, fall and winter may actually be the best time to do so. There are numerous benefits to waiting for cooler weather before making this major modification to your home. For more information on installing solar panels for your home, visit our website at SRB Energy to see how we can help you this season!