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Category: Solar Panels in Canada

How Is Solar Power Stored?

 Are you interested in making the switch from traditional electric power to solar power? It can yield great dividends for your wallet, and it is also great for reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power can be stored during times of abundance so that you can continue... full article

What Is Net Metering?

If you have been considering making the switch to solar energy, you might have heard talk of net metering. What does this really mean and how can your budget benefit from it? Solar energy has many perks and net metering is just one of them.  SRB Energy is committed to... full article

How Does Solar Energy Work?

You already know that switching from the standard electric company to solar power is great for the environment and your wallet. It can present a huge cost savings over traditional forms of power, but how does it actually work? Understanding the ins and outs of solar... full article

Is Solar Power Right For You?

            Many homeowners are considering making the switch from their standard electricity services to solar power. Investing in the equipment necessary to get started is a major commitment though. You need to be sure that this environmentally-friendly way of... full article