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Solar, Battery & Hybrid Inverters Explained

Once your solar panels are set up, you’ll need to add an inverter to the system so you can use the power they’ll generate. Solar panels produce DC power which needs to be converted to AC power in order to provide your home with electricity. You might even need a separate inverter to power your battery backup system. The question is, what kind of inverter should you purchase? 

Before you make a decision, here are the facts on solar, battery, and hybrid inverters for your home or business:


Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are the most popular type of inverter on the market to make your DC energy into a more usable form for your home. This type of inverter tends to be very flexible and can be used for both residential homes and commercial businesses. Some of the solar inverters also include battery storage, though not always. 

You can purchase these inverters in many different sizes ranging from single-phase inverters to three-phase inverters. It is best to consult with your solar energy company to determine what size you may need.


Battery Inverters

While solar inverters are the most common type, battery inverters are another great option to transform your power from DC to AC. One of the things that sets battery inverters apart from the other types you might encounter is that they can also do the reverse. You might already be familiar with this type of inverter because it is often used with travel on RVs or boats. 

A battery inverter is not always used solely with a solar panel system. Some people use it to store energy in their batteries that’s accumulated during the time when the grid is less busy. It allows for the storage of less expensive electricity instead of paying for the energy that comes during peak hours. 


Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters take the best of both solar and battery inverters, combining them into a very useful package. Because of their versatility, hybrid inverters are rapidly growing in popularity and may even surpass the solar inverters as the most common type of inverter in the years ahead. 

A hybrid inverter is known for taking the power of the solar inverter and adding battery storage. They are responsible for changing your solar power from DC to AC energy that your home can actually use while also charging your battery backup system with the leftover electricity. This will save you money and prevent you from tapping into the grid to power your home.

If you do have to tap into the grid, your hybrid inverter can use electricity when it’s the least expensive and store it for your use during peak hours, just like a battery inverter. 


Contact the Solar Energy Professionals

Understanding the intricacies of the different types of inverters can be a bit of a challenge. Buy solar panels from the experts at SRB Energy. We’ll help you to get set up with all the technology you need to start powering your home with clean energy from the sun!