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Author: SRB Energy

Series Vs. Parallel Solar Panels

If you’re a recent or first-time homeowner, it can be incredibly advantageous to learn about solar energy options. There are many benefits to be had when going solar—it’s clean, emission-free, and a great renewable energy source.  The many technical terms used to... full article

3 Types of Solar Storage

Like many Canadians, you may be looking to reduce your carbon footprint by tapping into renewable energy sources.  While wind, geothermal, and hydro power all have their benefits, solar power is an increasingly popular option for home and business owners across the... full article

Solar, Battery & Hybrid Inverters Explained

Once your solar panels are set up, you’ll need to add an inverter to the system so you can use the power they’ll generate. Solar panels produce DC power which needs to be converted to AC power in order to provide your home with electricity. You might even need a... full article

How Is Solar Power Stored?

 Are you interested in making the switch from traditional electric power to solar power? It can yield great dividends for your wallet, and it is also great for reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power can be stored during times of abundance so that you can continue... full article

What Is Net Metering?

If you have been considering making the switch to solar energy, you might have heard talk of net metering. What does this really mean and how can your budget benefit from it? Solar energy has many perks and net metering is just one of them.  SRB Energy is committed to... full article