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Solar Power In Saskatchewan

In a province full of prairies and rolling hills, you might be surprised to see purple sand beaches, ancient forests, and sparkling lakes. The cost of living is more affordable in Saskatchewan than in most other provinces in Canada, but you may be searching for a way to bring down your monthly electricity bills. For that, you can invest in a solar system.

Saskatchewan homeowners rely on electricity for things like heating water, powering appliances, and charging electronics. The climate in this province features four distinct seasons, which makes electricity essential for cooling buildings in the summer and heating them in the winter.

The more people in Saskatchewan who switch to a solar system, the better. It will reduce our reliance on other forms of electricity production, which have harmful effects on air quality and ecosystems.

Whether you’re interested in a ground-mounted or roof-mounted setup, SRB Energy has the panels and racking systems that you need. Here’s why you should consider switching to solar in Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan Solar – Common Questions

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of a solar array, you’re probably looking for more information about it. Not to worry—we’re going to answer a few of the most common questions about Saskatchewan solar energy:


How many hours of sunlight does Saskatchewan get annually?

This province is one of the sunniest places in the country; in Saskatoon, there are roughly 2,389 hours of sunlight each year. According to recent data, solar panels in Saskatchewan can produce an average of 1,330 kilowatt-hours annually. This amount is sufficient for solar systems small and large.


How much energy do I need to produce?

Given all the ways we rely on electricity in our daily lives, energy bills can get expensive. Many commercial buildings have high electricity demands. If you’re switching to solar electricity, you want to make sure you can cover your energy needs. Here’s how to calculate how much you will require:

The simplest way to determine your energy needs is to examine your electricity bills over the last 12 months. Add up the totals from your meter readings. Depending on how long you’ve lived in the same house, you can use bills from previous years to find an average.

Remember that your electricity usage is highly dependent on weather patterns, along with how much time you’ve spent at home. In 2020, you might have seen higher electricity bills than usual.


What makes solar power feasible in Saskatchewan?

On the fence about switching to canada solar energy? Consider a few of the benefits that a Saskatchewan solar system has to offer:

  • It’s financially advantageous. Installing solar panels at your residential or commercial building will increase the value of your property. This selling point will come in handy when it’s time to sell your home or business. Solar systems may have a high upfront cost, but over the years, they end up paying for themselves (and then some).


  • It’s environmentally friendly. Hydroelectricity, which is harvested from the power of moving water, is cleaner than most forms of electricity production. However, it still impacts the environment. The flooded lands that it creates have a detrimental impact on the vegetation, forests, and wildlife nearby. On the other hand, solar energy is collected from the sun’s rays, so it releases zero emissions.


  • Live off the grid. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of living somewhere remote; a place so far from the city that you can’t access a utility grid for electricity. But how will you power your home? With an off-grid solar system, you can generate electricity independently. Even if you live within a city, an off-grid system allows you to access power during outages.

Solar in Saskatchewan provides home and business owners with an investment opportunity, a greener solution to energy consumption, and a way to take the cost of their electricity into their own hands.

Saskatchewan Solar Potential

A completely renewable form of energy with zero emissions—that’s the promise of solar power. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to install a solar system in Saskatchewan:

  • If you take a look at this photovoltaic potential map, you’ll see that Saskatchewan has some of the highest kWh potentials in the country. This is especially true in areas near Regina. If you live in Saskatchewan, take advantage of its optimal location for solar production!


  • Weather conditions in Saskatchewan are favourable for solar power production. The day-to-day conditions in this prairie province tend to have clear skies and minimal cloud cover. In wide-open agricultural areas, few trees stand in the way of solar panels.


  • The price of hydroelectricity seems to grow each year. But with your own solar array, you’ll stay independent of rising energy prices. With an off-grid system, you can pay the installation costs and skip the monthly bills. During the times when you need to draw from the grid, use net metering credits to cover the cost.

With these reasons in mind, Saskatchewan makes for an excellent location to install a solar power system in Canada.

Provincial Guides & Programs

One of the main concerns for any property owner is the price of electricity. Solar power is an affordable solution, but its greatest barrier is the upfront installation costs. As a resident of Saskatchewan, you may be wondering about which financial incentives you can use to make your solar installation more affordable.

If you’re considering a grid-tied system, it’s important to know how solar power generation integrates with utility companies. In Saskatchewan, home and business owners can take advantage of the province’s net metering program. This allows you to create savings using the solar power that you produce.

With the net metering program, keep in mind that credits won’t be paid out—they’ll simply be used to lower your next bill. In addition, any credits that aren’t used in 12 months will expire.

If you want to take advantage of this program, start by calculating how much energy you use in a year. Then, when you’re choosing the size of your system, select one with slightly more capacity. This allows you to generate excess energy that you can receive credits for each month.

Unfortunately, the solar rebate program in Saskatchewan came to an end in 2019. Now, residents in this province can take advantage of federal programs, such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

See Our Resource Page For More Information

For a more comprehensive overview of solar power potential across Canada, take a look at our solar resource page. Offset the cost of your energy consumption using solar power.

At SRB Energy, we can help with that. Contact us today to learn more about Saskatchewan solar.


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