Sunny Boy 6.0-1SP Secure Power with DC Disconnect, AFCI, 208/240 VAC

Sunny Boy 6.0-1SP Secure Power with DC Disconnect, AFCI, 208/240 VAC


The SMA 6.0-US inverter features several improvements over the previous generation of Sunny Boy inverters including a wider voltage input window, three independent MPPT inputs, direct smartphone access and a Secure Power Supply. The 6.0-US inverter offers an industry-leading 100 volts DC minimum system voltage which means it will work with shorter PV strings and produce more power. The Sunny Boy 6.0-US includes three independent MPPT inputs which improves efficiency and design flexibility. Subarrays of panels can be installed on an East, West and South-facing roof top using the three independent MPPT inputs. The new Sunny Boy 6.0-US includes the Secure Power Supply feature which can output up to 2,000 watts of AC power during a power outage while the sun is shining.
This is the first grid-tied inverter from SMA to offer direct access via a smartphone. The SMA 6.0-US also includes an integrated DC disconnect switch with each inverter. The combination of three MPPT inputs, Secure Power Supply, direct smartphone access and integrated DC disconnect make this one of the most cost-effective inverters available. Three MPPT inputs is especially useful for PV arrays with shading or complex roof tops with multiple sub-arrays.
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10-year warranty is standard, 15 and 20 year warranty extensions available.

Additional Features

  • World’s first Secure Power Supply now offers up to 2,000 W
  • Full grid management capabilities ensures a utility-compliant solution for any market
  • New Installation Assistant with direct access via smartphone minimizes time in the field
  • Integrated disconnect simplifies equipment stocking and speeds installation
  • SMA’s proprietary OptiTracTM Global Peak technology mitigates shade with ease
  • Multiple independent MPPTs accommodate hundreds of stringing possibilities
  • Two-part enclosure concept allows for simple, expedited servicing
  • Enhanced AFCI technology reduces false tripping while improving sensitivity in real arcs, greatly reducing unneeded service calls
  • Integrated Sunspec rapid shutdown communication for use with TS4-R-F

Features & Attributes:

Weight: 72.0 lbs
Dimensions: 31.0 × 24.0 × 12.0 in
Inverter Watts: 6000
Inverter Type: Grid Tie
Inverter Input Voltage DC: 600
Inverter Output Voltage AC: 240


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