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  • Fronius Primo 8.2-1 AFCI & Datamanager

    Fronius Primo 8.2-1 AFCI & Datamanager


    With a maximum efficiency of 97.7%, the new Fronius Primo Inverters are full of features to lower installation cost and increase design flexibility.

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    Fronius Primo features:

    • Dual MPPT inputs maximize production when solar is installed on different roof facets or with different string sizes.
    • Configurable to 208/240 output.
    • Wide input voltage range from 150 to 600V for residential installations, up to 1000VDC on ground mount or commercial projects
    • Quick installation with Fronius SnapINverter chassis with separate power stage
    • Integrated, fully lockable DC disconnect saves install time and costs.
    • Built-in wireless monitoring hardware
    • Optional DataManager monitoring software


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