APsystems YC600, 600Wmax, 208/240V Micro Inverter

APsystems YC600, 600Wmax, 208/240V Micro Inverter


The YC600 is a dual-module, utility-interactive
microinverter with Reactive Power Control (RPC)
technology and Rule 21 grid support functionality.
The first of its kind, the YC600 was designed to
accommodate today’s high output PV panels, offer
enhanced capability and meet the latest grid
compliance standards. Offering an unprecedented
300VA peak output power per channel, the YC600
works with 60 and 72-cell PV modules and offers
dual, independent MPPT per panel. The YC600 also
operates within a wider MPPT voltage range than
competing brands for a greater energy harvest.


The APsystems YC600 is a single-phase, two-module, grid-tied microinverter with intelligent network capabilities and independent MPPT per channel allowing for module-level monitoring visibility. The YC600 is a true utility-interactive microinverter, designed with Reactive Power Control (RPC) technology and to be Rule 21, H14 compliant and meet NEC 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements. The YC600 has adjustable capability up-to 0.7 leading and 0.7 lagging. The YC600 also provides continuous output of 548W with an industry-leading MPPT efficiency of 99.5%

Single unit connects two modules
2 input channels with independent MPPT and monitoring function
Maximum continuous output power up to 548W
Auto disconnection device integrated
Adjustable output power factor

Data Sheet:

APsystems YC600 Data Sheet


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